Our industry-leading health and safety software , Assure, provides an easily accessible way to manage health, safety and compliance – in just a few simple clicks.

Assure is trusted by world-class health and safety teams, with more than 250 customers globally.

All backed by data, supported by rigorous process and easy to use – so you can embed health and safety at the heart of your business.




Escape from the desk: Assure is designed for the field, where anyone can report environmental health and safety information in real-time. Make vital information and forms accessible with smart features like offline functionality and QR codes.

Raw data is one thing; insight is another. That’s where our innovative business intelligence tool, Assure Insights+, comes in – helping identify trends, track leading indicators and promoting effective interventions. 

Meet Assure

Assure is designed to help you work smarter. Mobile-accessible, highly configurable and insights driven, Assure provides a flexible solution to meet all your organization's  environmental health, safety and compliance needs.

Save time and resource with easy to use

‘out of the box reports’ for senior management.  



Software that helps you do more

Our market leading business intelligence tools help you gain insight by identifying trends & tracking leading indicators, so you can make effective interventions.

Smarter Health & Safety Management

Embed safety thinking: record, track and report on health and safety information in real-time using a mobile device wherever employees are.

Mobile First

Assure supports your on-going legislative compliance and alignment to recognized standards such as ISO 45001 and HSG65.

Set The Standard

COVID-19 risk management made simple.

An intuitive COVID-19 environmental health and safety management solution

Assure Response equips your workforce with the tools needed to identify, manage and quickly respond to COVID-19 risks.

Capture vital information in real-time. Keep reporting simple using built-in, live dashboards and easy-to-use reports.


Meet your organization's environmental health, safety & compliance needs


With the Assure Incident module, your workforce is equipped with a comprehensive set of incident management tools.


The Assure Asset module gives you complete visibility of maintenance, testing requirements and compliance on every item logged.


Conduct regular safety tours and reward positive behaviours.. With the Behaviour module, you can set a standard on how things should be done.


The Assure Risk module provides flexible, mobile tools so the whole team can identify, assess and manage risks every day as part of the ‘day job’.

The Assure People module makes it easier to check employees and contractors are trained in activities that pose a health and safety risk


We make it simple. Design dynamic templates with intelligent features that mean only relevant questions are posed. 



The Assure Contractor module standardizes your pre-qualification and management of contractors, so you don’t put your workforce or organisation at risk.


Capture monitoring information and audit different parts of your organisation using a custom assessment that critically examines your environmental management system.

This user-friendly platform empowers staff and embeds a strong culture of health and safety across your entire workforce.



Effective health and safety management is not simply about tracking and recording – it’s about using that information to gain insights and take actions that make a positive impact.


No waiting to get back to the office. Capture accurate information as it emerges and enable local teams to conduct audits, inspections or assessments. Promote a positive health and safety culture by making it easy for everyone to participate from any location, 24/7.

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How Assure Can Help

Integrated design.

Not only does Assure help demonstrate your duty of care, it also reduces the financial burden of incidents and claims. All while supporting health and safety decisions that are well informed and fact-based.

Assure also promotes shared learning, with one central view of your organisation’s health and safety performance.

Designed from scratch by our experts as an integrated solution, Assure is easily adopted. Each Assure module works standalone or combines seamlessly with others.

Configuration at every level.

Quickly respond to new business needs with real-time changes to templates and forms.  Apply your brand and logo.


Tailor Assure to your employees’ native language and make sure your entire workforce has a safety voice.

Tailored to you.

Add and remove your choice of 11 modules to find a mix that works for you. Each one available with multilingual functionality.

Simplified task management.

Assign, track, escalate, review and approve delegated actions with ease. Compliance is built in thanks to central records and full audit trail functionality.

Insights as Standard.

Identify trends and track leading indicators in visual dashboards. Make informed business investment decisions in a couple of clicks.

Independent analyst firm recognises SHE Software as a Specialist in EHS Software

"SHE Software offers a variety of configurable modules that will meet the needs of firms looking for an easy-to-use tool. 

Industries with medium to low EHS risk exposure or those seeking a safety-oriented compliance management solution are particularly well suited to the platform’s capabilities."

What our clients say about us

“Health and safety is a high business priority at New Balance. Assure has helped to underpin a strong, proactive safety culture across all employees, contractors and third-parties."

“Everyone across the business can now easily access and engage with health and safety. Assure has helped it become part of everyone’s ‘day job’."

“Assure removes the ‘smoky mirror’ effect from using an Excel spreadsheet. Health and safety data is now of a high quality standard and instantly accessible to stakeholders whenever it’s needed.”

"Our incident rate has dropped significantly, and our near miss reporting has grown 10 fold since Assure was implemented.”

"SHE Software’s Assure System is intuitive, simple to use and makes the lives of our staff much easier, as well as making our processes more efficient."

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